Scrunch Book  Scrunch Buch

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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror , Action & Thriller

#2 [skrʌnʧ] Scrunch is a story like a roller coaster ride: first start very slowly and weigh the passenger in safety. Then it goes downhill and it is getting faster. Suddenly a short stop to finally increase the ride to an unforgettable thrust ... but it is only when it's over!


To Scrunch: "crunch, crush"; This is the sound that young Sandra will remember forever: after a wonderful evening at a fair with her friends and her new friend, a breakfast with her family on a sunny Saturday morning, the question arises whether the family shop together Or go for a walk in the forest. The fatal decision for the walk very quickly takes a tragic turn, and only together can they overcome the deadly threat of the twins. Will they make it and is it really just a coincidence?


From a normal average family history very quickly becomes an exciting, surprising and fast-paced thriller with a pinch of horror.



"Very ambitious!"

• Constantin Film 1992 •

"Put more behind it than you suspect"

• Mastermind •

Pascal Ringstahl was born on 24th December in Cologne and grew up first in the Westerwald, then through the early death of his mother in Kerpen-Horrem. At the age of 26, he moved back to Cologne, where he wanted to go to the Filmhochschule after successful training. For family reasons, he renounced this. To this day, he has not given up writing and living out his dreams, in addition to his successful professional career in wholesale ...

Through the early death of his mother, his family split up from one day to the next: his big sister grew up with his grandmother and he at his aunt. There was a contact ban between the siblings for more than 17 years. By this loss, the circumstances and the illness of his father, the hours of driving in the back seat, the eternal waiting in the hospital, he had already fled into a world determined by himself in his childhood. As a child, he dreamed of becoming something like a director. Since he could not write in the preschool age, he recorded his stories. Later they turned into books, short stories and novels. These act on people who enter unexpected situations where their lives and their inner attitudes change. Each book has a different genre and is self-contained. However, persons or acts of action appear which have an impact on the stories of the other books.

Calyx Book Calyx Buch

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Novels & Stories


#3 [ˈkeiliks]

Calyx is the story of an unequal friendship: the good-looking, ambitious Armin, who has just passed his high school diploma with a grade score of 1.0, is completing his community service in an urban hospital. It is a big secret around a room, where the little Dennis is located. He is infected with an incurable and deadly virus. The virus is transmissible by blood and body fluids. Through his isolation from the outside world and the ruthless control of Doctor Pneuma, he has developed into a small monster. However, Armin can not be stopped, and with patience he gains the trust of the little boy. His friend Ruth is not enthusiastic about it. She tries to stop Armin from fearing an infection. However, she also succumbs to the charm and malice of the little Dennis and begins a close friendship, which must end up many adventures outside the allegedly safe hospital.


A novel about friendship and respect with lots of humor, drama, suspense and adventure. Nothing can be planned in life; It always happens differently than you think!



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#1 MeinHard:

The story tells in the "I" perspective from 1991 and an indefinite time after. It is mainly read and interpreted in the diaries and letters of the main protagonists. Among other things, it involves the parents' lack of understanding and recklessness towards their children, if they do not adhere to the norm of society, since they would thereby deny their own personality. The story around MeinHard aims at an inevitable ending, a one way ticket without a happy ending.


MeinHard existed from 2014 to 2016 as an e-book exclusively in English-speaking countries. Until now no book edition is planned.

Calyx Book Calyx Buch

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# 4 [səverəti] Severity is just ONE love story: has not everyone ever experienced it? Something like love at first sight? A feeling as one would know the other one down to the smallest detail? You just want to be together with the other one? The difficulty is only when the person of personal desire does not know or get to know you at all! So it ends then in an eternal senseless enthusiasm, which eventually fades but raises the question again and again: "What if ..." That's what happens to Sabina, a young, handsome, successful and popular student. Her first day at new university and she meets Raymund. He is a cute, stubborn and reserved nerd. The fascination with him makes her forget every clear and logical thought. Only Raymund does not care about her. But Sabina does everything to change that, and it does not end up in a senseless rapture. However, it always happens differently than one hopes in his dreams ... and every cliché is fulfilled. This is the 4th book by Pascal Ringstahl: After the pure e-book MeinHard, the horror thriller Scrunch about the Twin Dogs and the educationally valuable novel Calyx, he now sets out with Severity on a different path: into the futility of fanaticism. Experience the journey into a past, when you suddenly fell in love with a person who in reality did not fit in with you or did not return your feelings. But what would have happened if it had developed a relationship?